The Vibranium Network is a closed loop economic system that preserves the value of its members’ content, investments, and influence.

The Three Pillars







How it Works

V-Capital - Financing

Purchases made on The Vibranium Network generate matching funds that are added to a capital pool. The Vibranium community votes on the recipients of these funds which will be dispersed through loans and grants. The community decides what it needs with no one in the middle.

V-Fluence - Attention

Content creators, vendors and consumer brands can place token bounties on content they want amplified. V-fluencers who share these links and content will receive rewards. These rewards are distributed once a “traffic target” is reached. Users who share content will be awarded the staked tokens proportionate to their contribution to the target. It costs nothing to be a V-fluencer. All you need is a voice.

V-Commerce - Global Marketplace

The Vibranium Marketplace will elevate our community by connecting product owners, creators, service providers and retailers to our $2.5 trillion dollars of consumer purchasing power. Marketplace vendors will be approved by the Vibranium community and will offer exclusive products, deals and services. Vendors in the Vibranium Network will accept VBX and must hold some amount to participate in the community.

The Flow of Value