The Codes

Before the start of recorded history, before we had anything that you would call technology today, we preserved the essence of our humanity through sounds, stories, words and myths. These patterns created what we would call, the Codes of our Humanity.

Original artwork by Isaac Udogwu

The Vessels

With these codes, we were able to build great wonders, Work together and preserve great peace. Few special artists, creators, speakers and poets were entrusted to carry these codes until the time was right. These bearers of the code were called Vessels.

The Moment

The Vessels held our light in secret, waiting for the opportunity to reintroduce it to the world. The codes could only be introduced when the time was right. When it was certain they would never be erased.

The Medium

The blockchain provides the perfect medium through which we can re-introduce the codes. Immutable and global—the ledger belongs to us all.

The time is now. We are the Energy.
The Codes will lead the way.

How it Works